Why Electric Kettles Are Perfect For Small Kitchens

An electric kettle is a great addition to any kitchen because it is a quick and easy way to make hot water for tea and other various hot beverages.  Electric kettles are perfect for use in small kitchens for this and several other reasons.

Some types of housing, such as studio or efficiency apartments and college dormitory rooms have very small kitchens.  Often, the stove top is only large enough to have two burners, but the residents would still like to prepare full sized meals for themselves or for guests that they have invited over for dinner.  That is where an electric kettle can come in very handy.  The hot water from the electric kettle can also be used to cut down on the cooking time of foods that require boiling water so that the burners can be used for cooking other foods.

In addition to cutting down on the cooking time of foods by using an electric kettle in a small kitchen, the person can also save some money on their energy bill.  The electric kettle will heat the water quicker and more efficiently than a large open pot on the stove so it saves on the energy that would be used in boiling water to cook the food.  There is also less heat emitted in to the area when an electric kettle is being used which will help keep the small kitchen much cooler and save the person from needing to run a fan or air conditioner to cool off their home while cooking dinner.  That will also save them some money on their energy bill.

Even if the person does not want to drink tea or prepare large meals for themselves or dinner guests, an electric kettle is still a great addition to a small kitchen.  It can be used to prepare quick, inexpensive, hot meals for those that are on a tight budget or have little time out of their busy day to cook meals.  All that is needed besides the electric kettle is some packages of instant soup or noodles that can be prepared using just the hot water.  Of course, adding some frozen vegetables or stirring in an egg or two can increase the flavor and nutritional value of a meal like this and it does not increase the cooking time because the hot water will cook everything to perfection.

Although it might not seem important to some people, using an electric kettle to heat water can also save on the amount of dishes that are made dirty while cooking.  A small kitchen usually has a small sink and limited counter space, so it can become cluttered rather quickly.  Most electric kettle models have measuring marks, so there is no need to use a measuring cup to be sure that the right amount of water is being used.  In addition, if instant soups or noodles are being prepared for the meal, the only dishes that are needed are the cups or bowls and the spoons.

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