Which Fagor pressure cooker is right for you?

Considering buying a Fagor pressure cooker but unsure of which one is right for you? Hopefully this article can help you figure that out. There are 6 models of Fagor pressure cookers to choose from which can be overwhelming at first. Not to worry. This article will help you better understand the different models and help you choose the best pressure cooker for your needs.

Fagor Pressure Cookers

Fagor pressure cookers offer a sophisticated appliance for those on a budget. The prices of Fagor cookers are very competitive and include many attractive features, making it the best pressure cooker for many kitchens.

Fagor Pressure Cooker Models


One of the most affordable of the Fagor pressure cookers is the rapida. It’s curvy and has an elegant style. It’s more of a basic model but still offers quality performance. However, you will only have one pressure setting option with the Rapida and that is high. This model is available in different sizes; 4, 6, and 10 quart.


Available in the same sizes as the Rapida, the Splendid Fagor pressure cooker also only offers one pressure setting. Crafted of stainless steel and an aluminum coated bottom you can expect even heat distribution when pressure cooking.


The Elite pressure cooker is very similar to the Splendid model however the coloring is slightly different.


The Express pressure cooker model in the Fagor pressure cooker line is similar to the Rapida but offers two pressure settings instead of one.


The Duo pressure cooker is one that you’ve likely noticed in Cook’s Illustrated magazine if you’re a fan. With two pressure settings and straight shape the Duo comes in 4 sizes; 4, 6, 8 and 10 quart. The Duo has been reported to be the easiest to use among the Fagor pressure cooker models.


If you like convenience you’ll like the Futuro. This Fagor pressure cooker model also offers two pressure settings but has a curvy shape. Unfortunately this model is only available in a 6 quart. Special features include compact storing ability and shorter handles.

Two Main Considerations When Choosing a Fagor Pressure Cooker

There are two main things you will want to consider when trying to choose the perfect pressure cooker for your needs.


Make sure you choose the right size. You never want to tightly pack your food into a pressure cooker, regardless of the size. If you plan to make small meals choose a smaller size. If you have a large family and plan to make larger meals choose a large pressure cooker. Knowing what size pressure cooker you need can help you narrow down your options more


Do you want your pressure cooker to do anything specific? Keep in mind that some Fagor pressure cooker models only have one pressure setting. If you prefer two pressure settings you’ll want to look at those particular models. You might also find a Fagor electric pressure cooker to be a better option as it does almost everything for you and typically includes a variety of push-button options.

Read Our Top Pressure Cooker Reviews Before You Buy

If you still aren’t sure exactly what model of Fagor pressure cooker to buy for your family consider these reviews. It helps to see what others have experienced with their models to get a better idea if it’s an appliance that would work well for you. Just remember, read the Fagor pressure cooker manual before you start pressure cooking with your new appliance.

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