Water Filtration Systems. Tips for choosing the best water filtration system while considering your health.

Clear drinking water is one of the most important resources any man needs to stay healthy and in good condition. Of course, drinkable fresh water is not too abundant resource nowadays since the pollution has infiltrated every element on this earth. So, what can be done to get this invaluable resource in its pure and safe to use form?

Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of water filtration systems available on the market and each of these products has its advantages and flaws. Still, one thing in common to all of them is that they are very worthy investment and they provide one of the bare necessities without which the people simply cannot survive.

Now amongst the various systems offered, it is up to the user to choose the one that will meet its needs and will be the most cost effective. Here some of the most common water filtration systems will be mentioned, along with their main features and that should allow anyone to get the general idea which kind of product they need.

Basic Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

  1. Remove the organic and non-organic particles from the water, making it clear.
  2. Remove the bacteria and other microscopic organisms that could be harmful for health.
  3. Remove some poisonous substances from the water
  4. Improve the taste and the appearance of the drinking water.

All of these features these filters possess are pretty much in common for all of the types available, but their efficiency varies. Of course, the best ones are pretty big, complex and not too easy to install. It is also a setback concerning their mobility and the option of using them out of the home.

Basic Division of Water Filtration Systems

Basically, the first division can be made on portable systems and those that are meant to be installed on a very water supply system of the household. The mobile ones have the advantage that they are mobile but their output is relatively small and the purification process is somewhat weaker than fixed filtering systems.

Fixed Filtering Systems and Their Basic Types

  1. Counter top. This is the system where the water is processed through the unit, which can be placed on a counter. Its output is not too high but it gives pretty clear water, which is sufficient for cooking or drinking.
  2. Faucet. This system is not a very efficient one in terms of purification and is very easy to install, it also gives significant quantities of water, which is clear enough for washing dishes.
  3. Shower head. This filter is applied on the showerhead. It has rather good output and provides the water that is suitable for showering but quality is too low for drinking.
  4. Whole house. This system is a bit expensive but it filtrate the water for every faucet in the house and it is quite effective.
  5. Reverse osmosis water filtration system. This system is very popular lately and it is ideal for purifying the water that is extremely dirty or has a high concentration of microbes in it.
  6. Under the sink. This system is set-up for one faucet in the household and it can be pretty handy since the water in that faucet will be of very good quality. It uses the cartridges, which are being replaced after certain period of time.

Now, these systems are quite good and reliable but they are not the ideal solution when you need them to be mobile. Also, they are not the cheapest ones on the market. Luckily, there are some which are less expensive but equally effective.

Usually they come in the shape of bottles or jugs and they have a replaceable filter cartridge installed. These bottles and jugs are ideal for low water consumption and they provide excellent quality water in the quantities, which are sufficient fort drinking or cooking. They can be also used when there is need for the clear water out of the house.

Some of the most popular types are filtrate water filtration system and pure water filtration system. They both contain very effective filters and can be used as a mobile water filtration options. The flaws of these systems are that they do not have high output but it is quite enough to cover the basic needs for clear water.

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