Types of pressure cookers

Are you ready to take advantage of the convenience of pressure cookers? Before you do it’s helpful to know the different types of pressure cookers to help you make a more informed decision. The main reason a person buys a pressure cooker is because it requires less time to cook your food than conventional cooking methods.

Pressure cookers do this by building up steam pressure inside. The steam then permeates the food and cooks it faster than if you were to have an open pot where the steam escapes. There are many features of the different pressure cookers available which you’ll learn here. The early models of pressure cookers are actually stove top pressure cookers.

Types of Pressure Cookers Based on Generation

First Generation Pressure Cookers

The first generation is considered the ‘old’ type of pressure cooker. The very first ones introduced back in the day and still available today. A whistle sounds when the valve releases pressure and the valve is weight-modified.

The valve is the reason they are somewhat loud when pressure is released. The majority of the first generation pressure cookers provide a single pressure level meaning you cannot alter the level of pressure, unlike today’s models.

Second Generation Pressure Cookers

The pressure cookers of the second generation have spring loaded valves instead of weight-modified valves. The valves are also hidden from the eye’s view. You do have the option to choose different pressure levels.

Some of the cookers of the second generation use indicators to portray the pressure level instead of releasing steam during operation. Steam is only released when you open the lid or if left on the stove top for too long. There is also a second generation design that uses a dial for adjusting pressure levels. Pressure is vented the instant the dial is moved.

Third Generation Pressure Cookers

The third generation of pressure cookers are also known as electric pressure cookers. Instead of using the stove to regulate heat they have a built-in mechanism to control the temperature and pressure inside. A spring loaded valve is used to portray pressure levels and the majority of electric pressure cookers offer dual pressure settings.

Some feature a timer and ‘warm’ option, similar to a crock pot. Tiny valves release the steam and like with stove top pressure cookers, it’s important that you always use caution when cooking with them.

Single Purpose Pressure Cookers

A single purpose pressure cooker could be a stove top or electric pressure cooker but are designed to offer one pressure setting. You can make many pressure cooker recipes in these cookers but it might be harder to control the outcome due to the single pressure level.

For instance, several canning pressure cookers have a single purpose and don’t typically come with additional features. The latest models include pressure gauges or indicators so you know what level of pressure it’s operating at.

Multi Purpose Pressure Cookers

Multi purpose pressure cookers are designed to help you multitask. You can sear or you can steam or you can do both. They include multiple inserts and additional features such as pressure and temperature settings.

Many also give you the option to make them a slow cooker or pressure rice cooker which is important to some users. If you plan to do a lot of multitasking with your pressure cooker than a multi purpose one is the best way to go.

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