Should you buy a pressure cooker or slow cooker?

If you enjoy making delicious meals without much effort then you probably enjoy cooking with a slow cooker. But the majority of us have had days where we didn’t have much time to get a meal together. If you were to buy a pressure cooker you could easily solve this dilemma without sacrificing the quality of your food.

5 Reasons to Buy A Pressure Cooker

You likely already have a slow cooker and are trying to decide if you should also buy a pressure cooker. We’ll cover a few benefits of cooking with a pressure cooker to help you decide.

No Planning Required

You don’t need to plan ahead when cooking with a pressure cooker. If you are in the kitchen last minute and need something quick but satisfying you can prepare a meal in your pressure cooker. They cook faster and help keep the nutrients of your food so the final result is a delicious and flavorful meal.

Cooking with a slow cooker means getting everything prepared and in the cooker where it will cook for several hours; up to 8 hours. Electric pressure cookers are a great alternative for quick delicious food and offer many push-button functions for easy cooking.

Preparing Multiple Dishes

If you buy a pressure cooker you can expect to really make use of it when you’re preparing multiple dishes. For instance at get-togethers you could make your favorite pressure cooker recipes for all to enjoy in little time. Pressure cookers also allow you to brown your meat and vegetables when preparing food.

Nutrients Are Kept

There are some consumers that decide to buy a pressure cooker for the main purpose of cooking in a way that doesn’t deplete the nutrients in the food. The steam in the pressure cooker will keep the liquid and nutrients inside the pot. Slow cookers often lose flavor and nutrients because of improper heat distribution and most recipes require stirring from time to time. You open the lid and the steam is released.

Ideal for Beans

If you’re like most people you make beans in a slow cooker. While there are successful ways of doing so it can be difficult or time consuming to get them just right. Pressure cookers work efficiently in cooking beans and retain their delicious favor. If you love beans you’ll want to buy a pressure cooker for faster cooking.

Pressure Cookers Come in Different Sizes

While there are small slow cookers if you cook a lot and typically larger meals you would benefit from a larger slow cooker. The same can be said for the size of your pressure cooker. You want to buy a pressure cooker that meets your needs in terms of how large it is.

Luckily, you will find a handful of sizes when you go to buy a pressure cooker for your kitchen. There are many reasons to buy a pressure cooker, it’s simply a matter of figuring out if it’s an appliance that you would use. It’s a popular appliance in many kitchens and there are so many foods and recipes you can cook with one.

Buy a Pressure Cooker After Reading These Reviews

See reviews of pressure cookers here to help you determine which model and size may be best for you. Reading about others’ experiences with the different pressure cookers is always a great idea. Electric pressure cookers have their own pros and cons just like stove top pressure cookers do. Find out which model might be best suited for you before you go and buy a pressure cooker by reading our pressure cooker reviews.

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