New Appliances That Can Save You Space!

When it comes to refrigerators and microwaves, most kitchens are stuck with the old standbys: traditional bulky appliances. Of course, the old fridge is less costly and completely functional. However, it does tend to use up valuable kitchen real estate.

Over the years a lot of thought has gone into new designs that can help you free up some of that space. Integrating appliances into the design of your kitchen can maximize your work area, so that cramped becomes elegant. If you are in need of a space saver, one of these new appliances might be for you.

Several manufacturers have started making appliances specifically for condos and tight living quarters.

Kitchens in small condos and apartments could benefit from items such as under the counter ice makers, refrigeration units, and other appliances. A two drawer fridge the size of a dishwasher might be all that one or two people require. The spot that used to be reserved for a full sized fridge can now be allocated to a pantry or more cabinets and counter top.

As well, some homes could use more refrigerator space but don’t have room to upgrade their fridge to a larger model. A section of drawers could be removed and a 2 drawer fridge added. Many of the under counter models have separately controlled compartments for different kinds of foods.

Some stoves can be built into the counter top, and the oven into the cabinets. Microwaves can replace the range hood to save space on the counter and still be in a usable location. The bottom of the microwave has the hood fan and ventilation built into it, thereby getting two jobs done with one item.

Instead of buying an electric kettle to take up counter space, some people install an on demand hot water appliance. Basically a mini boiler, these handy kitchen gadgets start heating water the minute you turn on the dedicated beverage / cooking water tap. Extra hot water is instantly produced, for making tea or for using on the stove.

These are just a few of the new items on the market. More and more appliances will be become part of the furniture or built into the cabinets. As designers look at the kitchen in new ways, more clever ideas will become common kitchen gadgets. If you are remodeling or designing a kitchen, have a look at the new space saving appliances to decide for yourself if they would be a valuable addition to your project.

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