How To Clean And Maintain Your Electric Kettle

Cleaning and maintaining your electric kettle will help it function better and last longer so it is important to do it properly and on a regular basis.  Ideally, after every use, you should clean it and check for any maintenance issues that need to be addressed.  If you have recently used your electric kettle, you want to be sure that it cools off before you try to clean it or do repairs so that you can avoid being injured by the hot surfaces.  Of course, you should also be sure that you have unplugged the electric kettle or removed it from the wireless power source.  After taking all of these safety precautions, you are ready to clean or do maintenance on your electric kettle.

Use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the outside of your electric kettle.  All that it takes to clean the inside is a half a kettle of warm water, a quarter cup of white vinegar and a scouring pad or something else to use to scrub it.  Instead of scrubbing it right away, you should stir up the solution and allow it to sit in the kettle for about twenty minutes so that the vinegar can eat away at the scaly water deposits that have accumulated inside the kettle.  Next, dump out the vinegar solution and scrub the inside of the kettle, and then rinse it a few times with clean, warm water.  Be sure that you dry the electric kettle before plugging it in and turning on the power source or you might get injured when the water and electricity come into contact with each other.

The part on most electric kettle that some people do not remember to clean is the mesh screen filter that keeps any loosened scaly deposits from accidentally being poured out of the kettle with the water.  If the mesh screen filter is not checked and cleaned often enough, it will clog and cause the hot water to splash out instead of flowing evenly from the electric kettle.  This could cause the person using the kettle to be injured by the hot water.  The mesh screen filter can easily be cleaned by scrubbing it with an old tooth brush or other small brush that has soft bristles and a small amount of dish detergent.

As part of your routine maintenance check, you should examine the electrical cord to be sure that there are no holes in the covering on the cord or kinks that could eventually cause the holes that leave the electrical wires exposed.  Having electrical wires that are exposed can be extremely dangerous, especially in a kitchen where they might come into contact with water.  You should also check and tighten any screws in the electric kettle that appear to be loose because even though it sounds like a minor thing, it could result in a serious injury such a being burned by hot water if the handle comes off while you are trying to pour.

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