Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker ICE-40 Reviews

The Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker ICE-40 is the most amazing kitchen appliance that I have ever owned. I love my bigger kitchen appliances like my stove and refrigerator, but having this frozen yogurt maker has revolutionized my skills in the kitchen tremendously. I used to pay full price to buy a carton of premium frozen yogurt or ice cream at the store. A scoop or two of frozen yogurt at night is definitely one of my favorite indulgences. Unfortunately it was getting pretty expensive to feed my sweet tooth, so I was looking at other options. After complaining about my predicament to a friend, she confessed to me that the frozen yogurt that we were eating was not, in fact, store bought. She had made it right in her very own kitchen with the frozen yogurt maker she had gotten for her birthday. I was amazed and immediately began asking questions about the machine and I wanted to see it run. After tasting the results and seeing how effortless it was to use, I ordered one of my own as soon as I got home. So long to the days of store purchased frozen yogurt, hello to sweet treats in the comfort of my own home!

Features and Specification

This frozen yogurt maker has two bowls, meaning that you can either make a quart or two quarts of one flavor, or make one quart of two different favors at the same time. There is a switch that allows you to decide between activating both of the bowls in this dual bowl design, or just one bowl. The bowls are one quart each and made of stainless steel. This machine is fully automatic and does not require any ice to be added as many other frozen yogurt and ice cream machines available on the market do. The dimensions of this frozen yogurt maker are 14.2 inches by 16.9 inches by 10.9 inches and it weighs a total of 12.4 pounds. This powerful frozen yogurt maker can create frozen desserts in as little as twenty minutes.

Pros & Cons


  • The two bowl design allows you to make two different kinds of frozen yogurt at one time. This is great if you want different flavors or different ingredients in the batches.
  • With this machine you can not only make frozen yogurt, but you can also make ice cream, gelato, sorbets, and even other frozen drinks and juices.
  • The fully automatic mixing means that you do not have to crank or mix the ice cream by hand in order for it to come out in a perfectly creamy and delicious consistency!
  • The stainless steel mixing bowls are not only attractive; they are also extremely sturdy and, damage resistant.
  • Using this machine allows you to control exactly what ingredients or flavors go into your frozen yogurt or ice cream.


  • The bowls need to be pre-frozen, which can be an issue for many customers as it takes up valuable room in the freezer.
  • This machine can be somewhat large and bulky and may be difficult to store in a customer’s kitchen. It is very attractive and stylish, however, and looks nice sitting on the counter.
  • This frozen yogurt maker will bring frozen yogurt to a soft serve consistency relatively quickly but it will not make very dense or frozen desserts.
  • The two quart limit does not allow for a lot of frozen yogurt to be made at once, which can be a downside to those who wish to use the machine to entertain larger numbers of people.


If you enjoy frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbets, gelatos, or even frozen juices or slushes, then you really need to buy the Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt Maker ICE-40. This machine makes two quarts of frozen yogurt in less than twenty minutes and even allows you to make two different flavors or batches at once! I no longer have to pay for premium ice cream or frozen yogurt at the grocery store because I can make and eat it at home for just a fraction of the cost. Any time that I am going to have my nieces and nephews over, I put the mixing bowls in the freezer because I know how much they love the taste of my homemade frozen yogurt. Not only that, but this machine is perfect for entertaining adult guests as well because it can quickly chill wine or even make margaritas and other adult beverages. This machine will pay for itself in no time at all and it is an absolute lifesaver to own!

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