Beaking Gluten Free Bread with a Bread Machine

Today’s discerning consumers have a variety of options for healthy living. Whether for medical purposes, or as a weight-loss tool, many people are turning to a gluten-free diet to provide them with the healthy lifestyle they desire. In the same way, people are turning towards real foods – not processed – wholesome foods made with ingredients that can be identified (and pronounced!). Now people who desire to eat whole foods, AND eat gluten free can both indulge in the joy of homemade bread, thanks to a Bread Machine.

Flour Power

Relishing a loaf of homemade bread is a rarity – a special treat that is to be savored because of the laborious process it takes to create. With simple to follow instructions, and a gluten-free setting, homemade gluten-free bread is now available with the push of a button.  In the place of traditional flour, the gluten-free baker would use gluten-free flours: rice flour, buckwheat flour, almond flour, to name a few. A cup or so of your favorite alternative flour goes into the Bread machine, along with some eggs, milk, starch for thickening…and your kitchen will soon be filled with the aroma of bakery fresh bread.  Bread machines came with recipes that can meet the needs of the gluten-free household.

Labor of Love

The Bread Maker Machines takes the labor out of the bread making process – leaving only the love. Add the ingredients to the bread machine, and use the easy to read control panel to set up the process. Want to wake up to the scent of fresh bread? Set the timer so the bread cooks while you sleep. Want to come home to a loaf of ready to eat bread? Let the Bread Machine work while you’re gone. With timer and memory settings, bread can be available any time you want!

Bread ‘n Butter

The variety of breads that can be made in a Bread Machine is endless. Classic bread for sandwiches, fruit and nut breads for coffee, breadsticks, sourdough… the list goes on. The fun doesn’t stop there, though! Cake, meatloaf and jam can all be made using the lovely bread maker sitting on the counter top. The versatility of a bread machine makes it a smart choice for monitoring the types of food you offer in your household. Living gluten-free doesn’t have to mean giving up the foods that you love. One bite of your homemade bread and you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without it.

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