Are pressure cookers safe? Main safety features of modern pressure cookers

For three centuries pressure cookers have been in the homes of many. Throughout this time they have evolved substantially. Are pressure cookers safe? Over the centuries the design and functionality of pressure cookers have evolved and so have their safety features. The majority of electric pressure cookers, stove top cookers and many more are completely safe. However, it’s important that you know how to operate it correctly to get the most from these innovative safety features.

The main idea behind pressure cookers since the beginning has been to reduce the time it takes to cook. This is done by locking the pressure inside the cooker so the food is cooked much faster. The main concern surrounding pressure cookers of all makes has been human safety. Luckily, today manufacturers have managed to design and create the best cookers with safety in mind at all times.

Is There One Pressure Cooker That Is Safer Than Others?

There are a variety of pressure cookers available today; stove top, electric, etc. It’s hard to say if one is safer than another as it all comes down to the individual pressure cooker and the manufacturer. Are pressure cookers safe? The best way to answer this is by analyzing the cooker and determining if the safety features are up to par with your needs.

Safety Features of The Best Pressure Cookers

The best pressure cooker is one that functions correctly and offers many safety features so you can cook your favorite pressure cooker recipes without worry of bodily harm.

Locking Device on Lid Top

Today’s pressure cookers have a locking device on the lid so you cannot open the cooker unless the pressure inside has reached a safe level. In addition you’ll find interlocking lids which make it safer to transport your pressure cooker without worry of the lid coming off or opening up.

Pressure Release Valves

These valves are pressure regulators so that the pressure inside the cooker is controlled. When lots of pressure builds up inside the cooker the valves will open to reduce the pressure. You’ll find pressure cookers today with either spring loaded valves or jiggle top valves. They both have the same goal even if their design is different; to control the pressure inside the cooker.

Pop Up Indicators

Are pressure cookers safe? If they have a pop up indicator, then yes. This safety feature is a favorite among those who like to cook with pressure cookers. These indicators may have markings on them, some have rings. Their purpose is to portray the value of pressure inside the cooker with precision. A weight is at the top of the stem and as pressure builds up inside, the stem will move to display how much pressure has accumulated thus far.

Handles to Offer Safe Handling and Moving

In the beginning many pressure cookers were hard to maneuver so you would have to find the best way to safely handle it. Nowadays pressure cookers have handles to offer more safety. It’s important that you pay attention to what kind of handles your pressure cooker has and just how efficient they are.

Are pressure cookers safe to use? If you’re using a modern one you can take advantage of the safety features that allow smooth operation. These are only four of the many main safety features of today’s modern pressure cookers, including electric pressure cookers. If you’re considering a large pressure cooker you most definitely want to consider the safety features before you buy one.

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