Alternative and conventional uses of kettle

Kettle is perhaps one of the most important commodities in the fleet of appliances of your kitchen. These small beautiful pots with a lid, a handle and a spout claim their place of origin in Mesopotamia. Earlier the kettles were available only in one variant which was the stove top kettle however after the industrial revolution of 1800s electric kettle was invented along with many other significant scientific feats of that time. Today a kettle is not only used for boiling water but many other interesting kitchen chores also some of which we will discuss here.

The original purpose of kettle was to boil water to make beverages like tea and coffee. The round structure with a lid was designed in a way to form steam when water boiled and the kettle let out a whistle to make the user aware that the boiled water is ready to be used to prepare tea. The stove top kettle had to be manually removed from the flame once the whistle went off. Later the electric kettle was introduced which had a timer set to automatically turn off once the water boiled, giving the user peace of mind with respect to the danger of burning of the kettle.

Today kettle could be used for many other cooking related purposes rather than only making tea. One of the most common use of a standard kettle is to prepare hard boiled eggs. However electric kettles are more suitable and give you an edge over conventionally boiling an egg in a pot since they take less time as well as you have the luxury to simply set a timer and forget about it. Unlike stove top kettle where you have to make sure to turn it off after a certain time period, electric kettle automatically turns off thus eliminating the danger of over-cooking or burning the egg. A timer of 20 minutes may do the trick for an electric kettle however you may have to adjust the timer according to your preference of the extent to which the egg should be boiled.

Many people use kettle to prepare baby formulas and cereals. Preparing soups and instant noodles are other popular uses of an electric kettle. A kettle saves much more energy and time than a normal boiling pot. Therefore it is common for people to use it for making instant food or for that matter wherever boiling water is required. In fact kettles are also used to prepare hot foot bath, fill up the hot water bag for swollen ankle and wash dishes dirty dishes in the kitchen if the user is in a hurry and do not want to wait for hot water in the tap.

The spectrum of uses that a kettle is put to makes it one of the most significant inventions in the history of humankind. The simplicity with which science is used in this little appliance to save maximum power and time makes it even more wondrous. At present different manufacturers of home appliances offer myriad of designs and shape for you to choose from and bring home your own extraordinary little kettle.

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