A Buyer’s Guide to Gluten Free Bread

Around the world, there are lots of people who just love eating bread and they always include various types of bread in their meal. However, when we talk about a celiac infected person, who follows the gluten free lifestyle, things change in every aspect, as celiac people cannot eat cakes, cookies, and bread that contain gluten. This was a condition before first gluten free bread was made. Now, there are lots of gluten free foods that are available especially in bread and gluten free cakes. Even celiac people can enjoy the delicious gluten free food with everybody.

Gluten free food tastes as delicious as other food. For bread loving people, especially those celiac people who just love bread, having some yummy bread that does not contain gluten is just like living a comprehensive life. For many celiac people, avoiding delicious and tasty baked food was disheartening but now because of availability of gluten free food they can enjoy their favorite food.

It is not compulsory that only celiac people should eat gluten free food. There are many Americans who do not have celiac but they are still sensitive to wheat protein. Gluten free food contains several health benefits and hence more and more people should opt for gluten free food. Even athletes follow gluten free diet to enhance their performance. The health benefits of gluten free diet include the following:

Digestive System

People who cannot tolerate gluten food face unkind signs such as gas, cramps and bloating. Whereas gluten free bread is supportive to the digestive tract. This nutrient bread is completely used in daily meal as it boosts the making of digestion-friendly bacteria populations in the intestines.


Gluten free food cannot be produced from low quality commercially available washed out wheat flour. It utilizes other sources of ingredients to offer flavor and texture. For instance, xanthan gum, rice flour and flax seed meal are prevalent ingredients of gluten free food recipes. As most of the Americans don’t take sufficient dietary fiber, gluten free food is a beneficiary addition to the diet.

Gluten free bread For Celiac Disease

It is an autoimmune disease, which has a hereditary component, which means it flows in families. Celiac people cannot digest any kind of protein from rye, wheat, oats, and barley. It is a severe problem as there is no treatment available for this disease, only restricting diet can prove beneficiary.


The seeds and flours, which are used to make this gluten free food does not contain preservatives. Hence, breads without gluten is always fresh. Many grocers refrigerate or freeze this bread and customers get fresh bread. After taking it out of freezer, it becomes moist and gives a good flavor.

After reading this, people who follow strict calories and fat free diet must be thinking of how much is the amount of calories and fat present in gluten free food? Let’s take a look of how many calories does a bread without gluten contain?

One serving of gluten-less bread contains:

  • 110 calories (approximately
  • 18 fat calories
  • 2g total fat.

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